Monday, September 22, 2008

Life's sweetest dream

Well, I hope my dreams never end because I dream day and night. My dreams take me to far away places. Places you will never understand or places many of you probably never will be. I dream about the forests of Mama africa, with its small and large animals.

I dreams about the tame and wild animals. I dream about them crying in the death of night. I dream about the sahara desert with its wrenching hot sun penetrating the endless sand. I dream about the mountains and the lakes meandering their way through the forests and the deep valleys but most of all, I dream about myself leaving the halls of higher institution, having buried myself in the knowledge that America promises to the many visitors who come to its shores. I don't dream to be the best, because the best find themselves on the corridors of Wall Street killing those of us who like to dream.

My dreams take me to the masses-the builders of homes, societies and countries. In five years, I will be dreaming still, but my dreams will be refined and more pure than now. I dream to build a stable family, a stable career and yes, a stable dream. Now my dreams are growing and sometimes unsteady. Masters Degree! I like it. But i seek to be no one's master. They are the ones who kill the masses' dreams.

I hope a Masters degree will help me to dream big and to dream high, to dream good and to dream sweet. To dream to take my thinking high, to dream to be a wise partner. Partner in society's cause, a partner to a world where people are free to dream and where people's dreams are un-interrupted by those who feign to lead.

They are called Dictators. They roam the forests of Africa and torment their people. They drag us from our houses in the night while we are still dreaming and interrupt our mid-day dreams. Dictators will die and the power that they took from the people will return to the people. I will be there that day when Mama Africa will embrace her children again. That is why i am here, getting a Masters degree but i seek to be no one's master.

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