Monday, November 17, 2008

Will Broadcasting Survive the Podcast Onslaught?

Just as Tivo is for television, so is Podcasting for radio and video. Podcasting is simply an audio or video file delivered via RSS. Even though podcasting is new, it is becoming a mainstream communication medium. Many businesses and PR practitioners are quickly adapting to podcasting and employing it in many powerful ways.

Its many uses are in talk show, debates and educational training. Unlike traditional radio, podcasting allows it users to decides which programs they receive, listen to or watch. Its portability-that is, the ability to deliver it to your wireless handheld devices- allow its usage while on travel or business. The days of sitting down by your computer or radio to listen to news item are probably gone. Does that make broadcasting obsolete? I will leave the answer to the pundits and the media gurus to answer! For a more complete discussing on podcasting see PR News.

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Jameser said...

Good post! I personally don't believe that podcasts make broadcasting obsolete. I do, however, believe that it encourages competition which is good for any capatalistic economy. God knows we need that right now. The Internet has spurred higher production and quality value among traditional broadcasting.