Sunday, October 19, 2008

" 5 Ways that Social Networking is changing PR"

I must confess I had not done much blogging until i was "forced" to take this PR class. Two years ago, I was introduced to it by the nature of my job, but i abandoned it within a week. Not because i did not like it, but i came out with the excuss that I was too old for that. I felt coping up with the latest trend of technology was part of the teenage period-one that crossed my path many "centuries" ago. Granted, I am fascinated by it now. This renewed excitement for online social media began with my introduction to facebook. This PR class that I am taking right now has more so energized that interest. Many of you have or at least know someone who has a facebook, myspace, twitter etc account. Tell me, "how often do you notice an ad, be it political ( an Obama or McCain ad) or commercial in nature on your accounts?" Well, I check my facebook account at least twice a week and there seems to be someone trying to persuade me on how to vote and buy some stuff. So, my question is, "What role do Social Networks play in Public Relations?
I came across this piece of good information on a blog called overtones (Whoever you are, I thought that was a good piece of work) that suggested five ways that social networking is changing PR. The reasons that were given are worth noting or quoting here.

Flattened Hierarchy- The first step in how social Networking is changing PR is the idea of democratization in both internal and external communications. That is, it makes it easier for CEO's to easily convey corporate policy down the line.

Time shifting- Overtones further asserts that social networking has allowed a "transcendence of time and distance in the communication process." That is, barriers along border lines have been removed.

Virtual Connections- This suggest that the organizational structure of many companies is becoming more virtual with technology. Thus, corporate leaders do not have to meet in a physical places to transact business.

Digital Tools-Here the suggestion was made that, "Digital communications make possible the cost-effective advent of two-way symmetrical communications." That is, communication devices and forums such as such skype ( most of which are free) have made it cheaper and easy to communcate

Convergence- This, it was suggested that, the expectations for communication has been made easy by the fact that, there are tools to back such expections

It is little wonder that many corporate executive and PR practitioners now heavily rely on social media to reach their employees and customers alike. It has become one of the most transcendent and versatile means of communication.

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Interesting find (Overtones blog)!